Scholarly Management Publication and Open Access Funding Mandates: a Review of Publisher Policies

Jessica Lange


The open access movement has been growing steadily over the past twenty years. Recently, many national funding agencies in North America have been requiring recipients of grant-funding to make their articles open access  On the surface this produces a potential conflict for management researchers; management faculty members are expected to publish in prestigious journals but the discipline views open access journals as being of lower quality (Hahn & Wyatt, 2014, p.98). As such, the question arises if it is it possible for management researchers to comply with open access policies while still publishing in highly-ranked journals?


This article will compare publishing policies from top management journals to funding agencies’ open access requirements in order to determine which journals meet these conditions.  Journals will be drawn from several established journal lists such as the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) 24, the Financial Times (FT) Research Rankings, and Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science Journal Citation Reports. Results show that 80% of journals in the sample set are compatible with open access funding mandates. Of the journals which are compatible, 48% require an APC and 52% permit self-archiving in an acceptable time-frame.


In addition to discussing open access publishing opportunities in management, this article will highlight opportunities for management librarians to develop their services and act as resources for faculty navigating this new framework.  


publisher policies, OA, funding, management journals

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